Hi, I’m JT! I created Healthy-ishh to pursue my passion for living a healthy, balanced life. I believe that the body and soul need nourishment
and love.

I absolutely love to cook, exercise, and learn about new health tips and tricks that can help us all on our journey towards being fit, strong, and full of life.

While I am probably one of the hugest health-nuts you’ll ever meet, I also have an enormous sweet tooth.

Healthy-ishh is all about striking that perfect balance. It is okay to indulge every now and then; Life is too short to not eat the chocolate cake.

I have been dating my sweet boyfriend, Trevor for 5 years and I am so thankful that he shares similar passions and health goals. This hunk was a Division 1 All-American Water Polo player! Say whaaaa? Talk about a fit, sexy beast!

I love how he has encouraged me to eat more protein and he has helped me understand how lifting weights isn’t all about getting huge! I used to be so scared that I would become mega buff and it wouldn’t be cute. Total misconception. All it does is tone your muscles, strengthen your bones, and make that booty perky!

We all want that! Am I right??

I also am a former athlete and played softball, volleyball, and basketball in high school. I was on the Triathlon Team at Cal Poly SLO and competed in Half-Marathons as well!

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Biology (anatomy and physiology concentration) clearly OBSESSED with how amazing the human body is!

Fun fact: I am a certified Schwinn Spin Class Instructor!

My passion for food is as strong as my passion for fitness and the human body.

Here at healthy-ishh you can also find workout tips, meal planning templates, and awesome (tried and tested workouts) that I have created!

I hope you find healthy-ishh to be exactly what it’s name says. It’s just healthy enough, but we are human and it is okay to mess up and treat yourself. You deserve it.