Slutty Brownies – You Need This In Your Life

Slutty FREAKING Brownies

Let’s be real though, there’s nothing slutty about these cellulite filled angels!

I’ve been BINGE watching that new series on Netflix called “Girl Boss”…who’s heard of it…well yea, pretty much I’m mega inspired and these brownies were the brain child of all my inspiration from the show.

Real talk though, that show makes you want to get up, put on some damn lipstick and make shit happen!

Seriously, shameless plug here (even though idk why I’m plugging it, but go watch it now)

Okay but for real, what’s in these SLUTTY brownies?

  1. Cookie Dough (the real slut cause you know cookie dough goes great with anything 😉 see what I did there??)
  2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (okay kinda a slut too cause i mean who doesn’t want peanut butter inside them?!)
  3. Brownie Batter (ummm need i say more?? Can’t help but lick the damn stuff off your fingers! #slutalert)

Yeah, so what’s really totally SLUTTY about this recipe, is how EASY it is to make

So go make these slutty brownies and hey, i know you’re no slutty gal, but if you go eat these in your bra and panties while on tinder, texting 5 guys, and on bumble, i mean i think you’re killin’ the game.

Click here for recipe!


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