Whole Wheat Banana Bread

We have been on a total banana bread kick recently! I’ve been making all sorts of breads ranging from paleo to vegan to banana blueberry bread! This recipe was a bit of a splurge! I tossed in some chocolate chips to sweeten things up, because why not right? Sometimes you just can’t say no to the chocolate! I chose to use stone-ground whole wheat flour for this bread to keep it dense, whole-grain, and hearty. Safe to say, it lived up to all three of these things (Trevor will attest to this!) This loaf does take a while longer to bake (55 min), so don’t pop this baby in the oven if you’re starving! You’ll be waiting and drooling all over while the house smells amazing for a LONG 55 minutes. Is it worth the wait? Oh ya it is! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


I also sprinkled some coconut sugar and extra cinnamon on top prior to baking to help give the crust a golden and delicious flavor. I definitely recommend doing this! Some people might want to slice up a banana to put on top, or even a drizzle of browned butter…you choose!



Okay here is the recipe!!




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