Paleo Blueberry Banana Loaf

Looking for a breakfast treat that is gluten free, made with all natural ingredients, paleo, and super delicious? Look no further! This Blueberry Banana Loaf is incredible. It is moist, dense, and filled with sweet and ripe bananas and blueberries!


The recipe is really easy and requires minimal ingredients. I used eggs because I didn’t necessarily want to make this vegan as well, however, a flax egg substitute will work just as well!


I baked this loaf in a 9X5 pan for 37 minutes to be exact. I tried pulling it out around 30 minutes and it was still a bit too gooey! All ovens are different so I recommend checking your bread at 30 minutes and adjusting the time from there 🙂 Here is the recipe! Enjoy!

4-0Paleo Blueberry banana loaf.png


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