Treadmill Workout

This is for all you folks out there who are “runners.” Why did I put quotes around runners? Well, because some of us end up walking more than running when we set out for a run…For those of you that are smiling–gotcha! Luckily, this workout is for you!

I have a friend who is looking to lose some body fat and tone certain areas of her body. She reached out to me for some exercises and overall advice. I told her that I would create some posts surrounding tips and tricks to help her achieve her goal.

The first tip I have is to increase the amount of cardio you are doing! Once you start to burn more calories, the fat will start the slough off! This exercise is 100% cardio-so check that box!

Secondly, performing interval and more importantly, increased resistance workouts is largely important. This treadmill workout incorporates tons of high resistance (climbing) intervals.

Lastly, the running aspect. Just when your legs are burning enough from climbing at 15 resistance, get that booty in gear and sprint (just for a minute at a time).

Being able to use cardio, resistance training and spot toning (which I will provide some targeted exercises in my next post) are 3 main ways to lose body fat, and create the sculpted body you want.

This workout is challenging, but it is only ~42 minutes and you burn 400+ calories.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!




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