30 Minutes – 3 Miles

Do you ever have a crazy busy day at work and need a way to blow off some steam, release any tension you harbored during the day, or just want to sweat it out after a long day? Today was one of those days for me and I put together a little “30 minute 3 mile” treadmill workout for myself. If you’re like me and you aren’t the fastest chick on the track you will like that this workout isn’t insane when it comes to speed! It incorporates some jogging and running. The fastest you will ever go is 6.5–how doable is that?! You’ve got this. Lace up those shoes, hop on the treadmill and go kick some butt!


I would say around minute 19:00-21:00 I was really starting to feel it and was breathing pretty hard. Think about that… running makes your heart pound out of your chest, your lungs burn, and your legs ache, but it is also such a beautiful way to detox and clear your mind.

Why do I run? 
I run because it makes me feel strong. Running makes me feel like a bad ass woman who can conquer anything. When the sweat is dripping down my forehead (and maybe other places) and the music is pounding in my head all I can think about is how lucky I am to be alive. I have fallen in love with making my body work to the point where I am uncomfortable. Did you know that your brain will tell you that you need to quit WAY before your muscles are actually done? Push through the “CAN’T” and know that you are strong, you are beautiful, and you CAN do anything you put your mind to. God made you tough, so run it out and be proud of those strong legs.


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