Morning Habits

I feel as though I am constantly hearing people say “I’m not a morning person…” or “I would rather stay up late and wake up late.” Mornings can be difficult, but they also can be extremely rewarding if you use those early hours to prepare for the day ahead. I feel fortunate that I have always enjoyed being awake early, however, I have learned from living with my boyfriend (who doesn’t love mornings) that they can be a challenge.
He likes to have a big breakfast, either read or watch a show, shower, and then begin his day. This routine works great for him and I am so happy that he has found his happy place when it comes to tackling the AM routine.
One thing I have really tried to implement in my routine are the following habits: Eating breakfast, meditating, visualizing the day, and setting daily goals for myself. Shout out to Passion Planner for helping me along this journey!
What are some of your morning habits? Everyone is unique and I love knowing that different things work for everyone.
I would say that my most crucial morning habit is taking time to move my BODY! Whether I stretch out for a few minutes, head to the gym for an early morning barre or cycling class, or just do some pushups and sit ups at home, I always try to get my blood flowing in the AM.
Take on the morning friends. After all, you made it through the night and you get a fresh start at a new day. The world is your oyster.habits.png


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