Core Killer

Alright guys! Roll out those yoga mats, toss on a sports bra and some yoga pants and get ready for a killer CORE exercise! I just did this and whewww it was rough! Even though it is winter (snowing HEAVILY here in Utah), that is no excuse to not have those 6-pack abs we all want!

This workout is a pyramid build so once you reach the 50 leg raises the end is in sight! Put on some good music and get to it!

The key to having a toned abdomen is working it out, but also not eating too many fatty foods. Women tend to store our fat down low (the pooch area) and as we all know it is SO hard to get rid of it once it is there! Eat well, do ab workouts when you can and remember that you are beautiful (6-pack or no 6-pack)!


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